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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Orange Sunquick Healthy Drinks

By mentioning sunquick, i mean the real Sunquick Orange Juice

Happen to discover one of 1000 healthy tips from my gorgeous auntie, mcuna.(link to her fb will be provided soon)

For easy digestion, drink 2 glass of this yummy sunquick's orange juice (buat lah pekat sket) , morning & night -1 for each session
and tomorrow..wallaaaa...enjoy d happiness on pouring all out...
for me, YES..!!

Its a proven fact..!!  
~ coz im the exp lab rat..big fat rat..

Thanx to mcuna for her healthy tips..love u..!! mmuaah2x (^x^)

p/s : Blogger would not be responsible for any side effect, please refer to your Doc @ mum first, before filling up those glass. tq

She also added :: Kalau xde sunquick, boleh tukar dgn limau nipis..

Selamat Mencuba.. & Gud Luck..!!

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