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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Smarter way to Lock your windows

Upon screening & viewing to various kind of site..i stumbled on to this page..which show me how to create a short cut for locking up our windows without having to press "alt+ctrl+del & lock"

so there it goes..click-->> Make a Shortcut to Lock Your Windows Desktop by a Double Click on It

Just follow 3 simple step & you'll get your smart lock on desktop.

mine looks like this (arrow)

Got meeting? Just double click & Go..No hassle~~

IT is all about excellent + efficiency..really??? teeeeeettt

2 notes:

mun-e said...

kewl!!!! terus aku godek abes website tu time kat ofis tadi. haha

aYenZ JamiL (^0^)/ said...

kan? hehehe..
xde idea nk update blog dlm mood hancus skang nih..ttiba nampak lock tu..n teringat balik web dia mana..
sbnrnya aku da pakai lock tu dari thn lps lg

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