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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Musim Selsema & Batuk

credit to google images
This couple of weeks been tough so far for me.
Caught fever, flu, cough & annoying period pains on the same time..

Plans for kenduri (En.Aris, my collegue's sis & Atikah), grocery shopping & jogging CANCELED due to these troublesome virus on me.. 
Im really sorry u guys..ampun!!
even to my MIL house at Sentul pun, couldnt make it due to this bad and unconsidered cough..
Morning & nite, the house is filled with...well..
of course with the sweet music of mine..(cough ,sniffing & nose-blowing)
Luckily..alhamdulillah, it didnt effect him (my dear ayg)..so i'm awfully grateful..

Anyway, great lessons learned during this period of (sniff+cough+blow)-ing..
- Bath & wash your hair (before sun rise(dawn @ subuh) & sun set(before magh))
- always get the Vicks Vapo-Rub ready near you anywhere, anytime (apply on neck+chest+back chest)
- Make sure to have Strepsils to cool down the cough (when it gets itchy & bitter)
- Drink plenty of plain waters & 100-plus
- Rest enough after taking the medicine & sleeps (if possible)
- Finish the antibiotics supplied by your Doc.

Not to mention, Bundlesss of loves & thanx to Ayg(hubby) & Ida (sis) for helping me out..& for that..I've prepared great lunch for u two great ppl..mmuahhhs thank you!! \(^0^)/
~Love always from B~
Hope you guys enjoy it..mmuaahh..(koff kof)

2 notes:

nj_65 said...

byk minum air suam kosng,bkn air sarsi or sunquick ye.hahaa..
thnx sediakan mcm2 mknan je...luv it.hik3

aYenZ JamiL (^0^)/ said...

tp sunquick awk buat sedap..ngeeee

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