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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hectic Dayssssss

Assalammualaikum ..

These past few days has been labeled as 'hectic days' for both of us.

- Assets hunting !@#$%^&* ..grumpy us (--*) ..
- Mama, ain, acu & mia arrived from Kuching & Bintulu  \(^0^)/ best2
- Friends Wedding (^,^)/ congratsss
- Siblings's Convocation (Ain UKM -last tuesday, Ida UMP - next saturday) \(^0^)/ woohoo flying starss..
Congrats for both of u..  Proud with those flying colour grades..
- Hubby's Surprise Birthday Party yesterday ..err..\(^0^)/ best!
- Back from UMP, will be heading north-east to Trengganu.. \(^0^)/ mama's home again
- Works? Piles of 'em..

Pic..? InsyaAllah will be updated later.

UKM - Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
UMP - Universiti Malaysia Pahang
UPM - ?? heee Universiti Papa Mama ~ Mia :: uwekk.. hahaha
wat else, ours lah..Univ Putra Malaysia..

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