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Friday, May 25, 2012

Phone Call with Mia

Semalam call mama sebab rindu yg amat pada bonda tersayang di Kuching..
Mama demam.. sob sob..rasa nak teleport terus ke mama masa tu.. ;( 

bila mama batuk sampai susah nk cakap..mama pass fon pada mia(my niece),borak2..sampai one part nih..

Mia :: Mak Yen, beli lah tiket..
Me  :: Bli tiket pe mia?
Mia :: Bli tiket balik sini.. Jumpa mia dengan nenek
Me  :: InsyaAllah..nanti mak yen balik..
Ayah Apiz :: Mia, kalau kitorg balik, mia nak jumpa siapa? ayah apiz ke mak yen?
Mia  :: ......
5 seconds later...
Mia  :: AYAH APIZ..!! (excited shout..!! what the..??!@#$%^)
How dare u mia..!! suruh mak yen beli tiket..tapi nak jumpa ayah apiz..
budak2..layan je lah perangainya..
dont worry mia..mak yen xkecik hati pon..haha 
mak yen rindu mia..mia jaga nenek & atok eh? sayang mia~ 

Mia busuk!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Export / import large database using command prompt


Being away toooo long from updating the blog.

Thou i might have a few issues to arise, but the most important thing currently is to post this simple command line (yet always being forgotten...by sapa? Forgotten by me laa.haish!)

There are times when you try to export / import large files of mysql by using the usual import export colourful function features, and the errors pop mentioning the file is too large and bla..bla..bla..

So, please step back to the manual way.

Instead of trying to change the
my.ini files (mysql), php.ini files, config.php.inc files..pleaseeee DO NOT DISTURB those files..BUT If ur smart, still want to change it, do some backup beforehand.(just in case)—still a reminder for me too

USE COMMAND PROMPT...old, classic way..and yet powerful..
No partial import..altogether..JUST DUMP..!

To export / to dump large db
mysqldump -u username -p databasename > filename.sql to export

To Import large db
mysql -u username -p databasename < filename.sql

Bear in mind, this must been done together. If you dump the db by using the 1st command prompt line, then use the 2nd to import it.

No interference by using interface button colourful import/export button. Arachhi?

Cakap korea la plak..hahaha..

rindunya nk tgk cite korea..wuu wuu~ tapi masa tidak mengizinkan..ops..ehem..english only for this entry.

**the executable files shall be used only on bin environment.(as shown above)

Thats it for today..Have a nice day everyone...
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