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Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Assalammualaikum & good day to all readers..

Well..this is supposed to be my angry post but still...i need to sabaarrr (Astaghfirullahal adzim)

On 27 January 2015, around 5pm..
My husband got into this accident while on his way to fetch me from work.
The accident occur at the flyover exiting Mahameru to KL Sentral.
Its rainy and my baby is sleeping..(That makes me even more angrier)

This red wira driver (white rim) lost his control over the slippery road and i'm not sure about his wheel thou. berbunga or not. his car turn 180 degrees and facing my car. My husband try his best not to jerk his brake and hoping he wont bump into that car but the red car IS STILL MOVING ..so yes, they bump into each other..(sigh)

Luckily, both drivers are safe & so do my baby..alhamdulillah..my husband has cuts around 3cm to his fingers but it still is ok. He's shaky when telling me this at HOME? ok back to to the scene..
The bump did awake my toddler but since he is safely buckled to his car seat, he falls back into his dream unharmed..and again, Alhamdulillah..

So this guy is a Sikh cause he is wearing the sikh turban. middle age, still young, looks like a fine man..that's how my husband describe him. He is nervous so do my husband. They exchange phone number and agree to settle this out. Then they went on each other way..Settled.


This is why I am angry to my husband. How many times will i have to tell him..
DO NOT BELIEVE in anyone especially STRANGERS???
got looks like a good guy, doesn't mean he is one..hello??

They agree on meeting each other again, NO PICTURES of his plat number? NO IC/Photos to identify him??? Uols..please take note that this is not the 1st time i get angry to my husband on foolishly believing other people..Percaya sangat that they are still good people that holds on to their promises.

Yesterday, one of our activities is to service the car since we plan to visit my grandparents at  Terengganu this Chinese New Year.
(still x pasti dapat balik x..because? keep on reading..)
So my guy sms that red wira guy..NO REPLY. he thought, oh mb that guy is still sleeping, I'll contact him later..
(I'm the one is on heat, my instinct kept telling me this jerk try to avoid u la abah!)
He tried to reach him again by call..No Answer & finally that jerk BLOCK my husband number..

So , we do the police report.
(just in case to avoid any mischief  caused by that guy)

No pictures, No plat numbers.
We do know there is nothing we can do. No Hope.
But the car still need to be repaired. Its only that it's nearly 5pm when the report is done. Dont have much time for Car Service Center either. Hoping to get it done before the holiday starts. If not, then we have to postpone our trip to Terengganu..again! (sigh)
We're trembling in anger & hungry because of all this. Nasib baik i cook & pack my kid's lunch. 1st time farhan makan di balai polis..We went to H.S Lee Police Traffic.
Hafiz is so dissapointed towards this guy. He have faith that this guy will come & settled this in a good way. The way that guy dressed in sikh turban and talk, he did believe in him. He trust him!

He even asked me not to curse this guy..!! oh mo!! u..?? seriously??!!
Such a good, innocent man i'm marrying eh? hmmph..
why must all this happen when i'm not there..(sigh..)

So to all of u out there, if anyone happen to witness the accidents and have this guy plat number/photo..do not hesitate to contact me here..seriously i want to get this guy! (sigh..even i knew that this plea is also impossible)

Friendly notes to all of u..kalau accident, pleaseeeee do this simple thing.
1- Snap the plat number photo/ jot it down
2- Snap the other person pic
3- Snap your & the other vehicle damage
4- Exchange phone numbers.
5- Settle this at the police station
6- Do not trust other people..unconditionally..

To u red wira guy, 
You, if u happen to read this..u sure are lucky this time..
I do believe that what goes around, comes around.
Other religious may call it karma. 
You make us believe that no one can be trusted on.
Too few good people living nearby.
Maybe you always read that the Muslim is not behaving the way they are wearing but take a look at yourself. You have embarrassed your own religious by wearing the turban and yet cheat & flee..
Anyway, thanks to you..this incident makes us feel thankful to Allah more. We will take this as teladan & maybe there is something bad we do which is not good and Allah take our rezki by having us to pay for this damage..thanks to Allah grace, my husband n kid are safe.

Seriously..I'm not a racist, nor am i a prejudice to any other race & religious.
My upbringing is within various race, religious and so on..

What i am blabbing or more to yapping in these entry doesn't goes into that direction. so, please keep these reading straight forward.

For me, seeing how things work, it is true that what makes the people is not what are their beliefs, or how do they style, or not the way they present themselves physically. but what makes the people is

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